The African Development Issues (ADI) Cluster is one of the research clusters in Covenant University. It is a multidisciplinary research cluster. It consists of faculty from Departments across the University such as Economics and Development Studies, Banking and Finance, Accounting, Sociology, Mass Communication, Computer and Information Science, International Relations, Demography Social Statistics, Languages and Business Management. It is committed to in-depth research into various aspects of development aimed at improving the quality of life of Africans.


The African Development Issues research cluster aims are to:

  • Establish a vibrant research centre that addresses issues pertinent to the development of African societies;
  • Carry out researches that promote structural transformation and good governance of African economies;
  • Publish high quality research findings from the cluster’s activities;
  • Become relevant in policy-making that will resolve socio-political, economic and human development issues; and
  • Serve as a think-tank for the attainment of relevant Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and other specific development agenda of the different African countries.

The vision  of the research cluster is to be an internationally-acclaimed research cluster aimed at developing applicable solutions to the multi-faceted African development challenges, with a view to helping African nations catch up in the development race.


The Cluster strives to support African governments, international institutions and the business communities worldwide, with policy recommendations aimed at developing Africa to catch up and become the leading continent. This cluster is made up of five sub-clusters namely: governance, institutions and structural transformation; inequalities, middle class resilience and poverty alleviation; trade, regional and international politics; macro-policy, finance and investment; as well as population, reproductive health and gender issues.

Membership Structure

Leader: Professor Philip O. Alege

Deputy Leader: Dr (Mrs) Abiola A. Babajide

Administrative Assistants: Dr. Opeyemi Akinyemi and Dr. Queen Esther Oye

Contact Phone Number: +234-8056461928, +234-7038878312

Contact email: philip.alege@covenantuniversity.edu.ng

The cluster disseminates its research findings through:

  • Journal Publication
  • Local (Covenant University) Seminars
  • Local and International Workshops
  • Participation at Annual National and International Conferences
  • Stakeholders Meetings.

The research activities of the cluster are currently funded by the Covenant University Centre for Research, Innovation and Discovery (CUCRID). However, the cluster intends to sensitise local and international institutions towards collaborative research activities that can generate research grants. This is expected to further help support research within the cluster.

  • Governance and Institutions
  • Poverty Alleviation and Inequalities
  • International Trade and Regional Integration
  • International Politics and Migration
  • Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
  • Economics of Natural Resource Management
  • Technology Acquisition and Innovation
  • Macroeconomics Modelling
  • Public Sector
  • Foreign Direct Investment and Aid
  • Population and Reproductive Health

The cluster operates under five (5) sub-clusters with a view to achieve its set goals. Members are visible in various research endeavours and paper presentations around the globe. Members have also applied for grants and executed the projects sponsored by CUCRID. Some of the achievements of the Cluster are as follows:

Conferences Attended

  1. From BRICS to BRINCS: An exploratory study of developing economics dynamics – Authors: Prof. Sheriff Folarin, Dr. Felix Chidozie. Istanbul, Turkey – July 23 – 28 July 2016
  2. Appraising Legal Enforcement promotion and Gender violence Control in Nigeria
  3. Inheritance laws, wills, and women: A Study of Esan people of Edo State South West Nigeria. Authors – Dr. Egherevba M. E, Dr. Tayo George, Dr. Chiazor Idowu A, Suleiman M, Barnabas. University of Vienna, Austria July 9th – 14th 2016.
  4. Citizenship question & Political participation in Selected igbo Communities of Lagos State. Authors – Dr. Felix Chidozie, Nesta Ojukwu & Oluwatobi Age – Port Harcourt, Rover State. June – 26th – 28th, 2016.
  5. Energy Principal Policy reform and environmental quality in Nigeria: A CEC Approach.  Authors – Opeyemi Akinyemi, Prof. Philip Alege, Oluseyi Ajayi, Dr. Henry Okodua – Washington USA, June 15th – 17th 2016.
  6.  i. XBRL: A tool for Accounting Education ii.Protecting children from Sexual Abuse                    iii. Accounting Students Choice to Pursue A Career. iv. An empirical Study of Gender expectations.          v. Sustainability Reporting & Professional Accounting Curriculum.                                        Authors – Prof. Francis Iyoha, Dr. Samuel Faboyede, Dr. Dick Mukoro, Obiamaka Nwobu Seville Spain – November 16th – 18th 2015.