Prof J A Omoleye Department of Chemical Engineering

Prof A Ajanaku Department of Chemistry

Prof Vincent Efeovbhokan Department of Chemical Engineering

Prof. Preye Orodu Department of Petroleum Engineering

Dr P A L Anawe Department of Petroleum Engineering

Dr E Ojewumi Department of Chemical Engineering

Engr Samuel Sanni Department of Chemical Engineering

Mr Olusegun Igbamerun CUCRID

Mr Sunday Momorebe CUCRID

The cluster is made up of researchers from different departments with interest in research and development of products covering various disciplines of science and engineering. These Products cover both inventions and existing products with some local content substitutes.

The products are classified into three major groups:

(a) Electro – mechanical products

(b) Chemical and Food products

(c) Oil and Gas products

These classifications are based on available expertise in the cluster. Research groups are constituted based on the nature of the product. Some of the products of interest for research originated from some research members and others from company requests.

 S/No Products Remarks
1. Emulsion Paint Market ready
2. De-emulsifier Market ready
3. Anti-Corrosion Agent Market ready
4. Non-Alcoholic Wine from Nigerian Shrub Patented
5. Speed Limiter Patented
6. Zeolite-Y   fron Nigerian Kaolin Patented
7. Powdered Fermented Ogi Patented
8. Solar Drying Cabinet Tested Working
9. SMS Based Opinion Poll/Voting System Tested Working
10. Dual Engine Electric Vehicle Tested Working