Dr. Agboola, M. G. is a member of the Institute of Management-Chartered (NIM). He holds a Certificate in Computer Studies and a Diploma in Computer Engineering. He currently has a Ph.D. in Business Administration from the Department of Business Management, Covenant University, and he is a Lecturer I in the same Department. He has served in leadership positions at the departmental and college levels. Dr. Agboola was formerly the Director of the Centre for Lifelong Learning (CCLL), Covenant University. He is currently the Deputy Director, Research/Open Distance Learning, Covenant University Centre for Research, Innovation and Development (CUCRID). He is committed to contributing his range of relevant skills and stretch his productive potentials within a Visionary, Modern and Progressive work environment. He has papers that are authored and co-authored by him, which are published in both local and international journals. Dr. Agboola, M. G. is a Self-motivated Team-player with a Proven Leadership Record. He has the willingness to make personal sacrifices for the good of the larger unit; Ability to Plan, Organise, Coordinate, Control and apply other management principles at workplace and in teams to achieve the set goals and objectives. He has a trained ability to define priorities and to deliver on lifelines; Strong Analytical Skills for effective Time-management, Troubleshooting, and Problem Solving on the job; and Keen foresight and high levels of Integrity and Discretion. He has good Communication Skills; Good Customer Relations combined with the ability to achieve smooth Organisational Integration and fully assimilate job requirements; and Etiquette and Good Manners in all interactions and transactions.”