The Covenant University Bioinformatics Research (CUBRe) is a research outfit consisting of Faculty/Graduate Students and Staff from the Departments of Computer and Information Science (CIS), Biological Sciences, Electrical & Information Engineering (EIE), Chemistry, Department of Mathematics, Computer System and Information Services (CSIS) and the National Biotechnology Development Agency (NABDA), Abuja, Nigeria.

CUBRe is headed by Prof. Ezekiel Adebiyi.
CUBRe Administrative Assistants: Miss Adaobi Okafor (email: Adaobi Okafor)/Mr Goodness Egbeniyi.
CUBRe telephone number: +234 (0)1 3425637
CUBRe Former workers, but no forgotten!

  • Establish a vibrant Bioinformatics Research outfit with the
    capacity to support established Bio-medical institutes and companies,
  • Position itself to take part in the era of personalised medicine
    based on the robust biomedical databases that will be established at CU,
  • To produce effective three high tech products for the control and
    final eradication of malaria starting with Nigeria,
  • Expand to support other tropical health issues and other important
    health issues in the West, and
  • Establish a vibrant bioinformatics research hub, recognised worldwide.

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Km. 10 Idiroko Road, Canaan Land, Ota, Ogun State

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  • dummy+1 (2) 345 6789

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