Built Environment


The complexity of the built environment and issues associated with it obviously present a challenge to our ability to rethink and develop appropriate strategies for creating and sustaining safer and livable human settlements. This is particularly important in the context of developing countries, where built environment issues especially in urban areas constitute serious threats to sustainable development. Addressing contemporary built environment issues including resource management in developing countries and globally, requires a creative and dynamic approach to research and teaching. Similarly, adoption of multidisciplinary research approach is considered a viable strategy for tackling current and future challenges in the built environment.

The overall aim of the cluster is to promote research and development in the built environment with a view to achieving a sustainable, safer and livable environment. The BERC comprises mainly of research and academic staff of different specialties in the built environment disciplines of Architecture, Building Technology and Estate Management who are committed to identifying and engaging new ways of creating and maintaining sustainable, safer and livable environments. Our strength draws on the experience of the faculty and staff, as well as on collaboration and linkages with the industry and universities within and outside Nigeria. The cluster comprises of the following four sub-groups:

  • Materials, Construction, Cost and Investments Sub-Group
  • Built Environment Management Sub-Group
  • Building Informatics Sub-Group
  • Education, Practice and Behaviour Sub-Group

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