Covenant University Women Development & Human Security Initiatives (CU-WDHSI)


The first point of socialisation in the human society is the family unit. Alarmingly, many households in Nigeria (for instance) are plagued by varying degrees of manifestations of inequalities, especially from gender perspectives; more prominent among these is an erroneous belief that the woman is of lesser value than the man in the human society. This invariably leads to reduced quality of life in these households because overtime findings have proven that women can effectively function as veritable, reliable, stable, and sustainable vehicles of change and transformation in households and communities. The reality in most developing countries then is that many women are underprivileged as they are denied of opportunities that their male counterparts enjoy. In fact, these inequalities in some instances pose threats to human security, resulting in domestic violence among other forms of violence. Besides, inequalities expressed at the first point of socialisation are likely to be ingrained in individuals and therefore exported to the larger society. The undesirable effect of this then is an unequal world.

There are also issues of human security. Undeniably, there is a global threat to human security. These have led to a proliferation of vulnerable groups across the world. With focus on Nigeria, there is the threat of terrorism, secession, militancy amongst others. These continue to pose a threat to societal well-being. It is therefore important to examine the factors that threaten global security, as well as the ways individuals and socio-political entities respond to issues of national security.

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