Urban Environmental Issues and National Development.

One of the observable impacts of rapidly growing urbanisation and economic development in emerging cities of developing nations is witnessed in environmental issues connected to poor sanitation, urban drainages and structural defects, air, water and soil pollution. It is no gainsay that urbanisation continues at a record pace all over the world, most especially in emerging and developing economies. The cities consume a substantial amount of materials and energy and release large quantity of waste. It is known that most of the wastes that are disposed have a second-hand value. They can be recycled and reused, hence reducing the pressure and consumption of fresh virgin materials. In this wise, the cluster will explore the nature of the urban environment, characterise it and determine how it affects human and well-being. The cluster would help provide with a wider scope of possibilities and advances that can be transferred and implemented. Therefore, peculiar aspects of Solid Waste Management to Covenant including refuse generation, source reduction, collection, transportation, recycling and resource recovery, composting and combustion will be covered.
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Urban Environmental Issues and National Development Some Pictures from the Pet bottle recycling facility


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