The objectives of the Covenant University Centre for Research, Innovation and Discovery (CUCRID) are as follows:

  1. To put in place research initiatives designed to build and strengthen Covenant University’s research infrastructure, recognise and advance faculty expertise.
  2. To increase the research capacity of the academic Departments.
  3. The Departments as well as faculty with successful submissions will receive grants to conduct research that is capable of being disseminated, implemented, and translated into practice and policy.
  4. The intent of the research grant programme is to strengthen the research environment in the institution by developing and/or expanding existing facilities for conducting research in relevant fields.
  5. To encourage academic Departments to engage their students in experiential learning opportunities through research and development.
  6. To apply the intellectual capacity of the University to the needs of the community, the state and the nation.
  7. To market those capacities to the public and private sectors of the economy.
  8. To provide opportunities to integrate teaching, research and service.
  9. To encourage multidisciplinary collaboration.
  10. To facilitate the administration of externally-supported projects.
  11. To coordinate all Centres of Excellence in the University.

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