CUCRID is a catalyst for discovery, knowledge and progress. Guided by Covenant University’s longstanding commitment to the highest standards of excellence in support of research and learning, CUCRID aims to provide the stewardship necessary to sustain and strengthen the University’s capabilities and to promote their use for the betterment of the society.

The types of activities to be undertaken by the Centre will include:

  1. Development of the infrastructure necessary for individual and multidisciplinary approaches for conducting broad-based research, including partnerships across institutions within and outside the country;
  2. Faculty development and their subsequent access to research resources;
  3. Mentoring of junior faculty as well as students as they participate in research projects.

The Centre can achieve its mission through research designed to:

  1. improve educational practice,
  2. improve the University’s ability to provide access to and deliver high quality, high-value services, and
  1. provide policymakers with the ability to assess the impact of system changes on outcomes, quality, access to, cost and use of our products and services.


The Covenant University vision of “raising a new generation of leaders” has a research component comprising the following:

  1. Promoting by research and other means, the creation and advancement of knowledge and its practical application to social, cultural, economic (humanistic), scientific and technological problems;
  2. Encouraging and promoting scholarship and conduct research in all fields of learning and human endeavour;
  3. Disseminating scientific and technological knowledge among scientists, researchers, industries, trade, services and other bodies; and
  1. Relating its activities to the technological, scientific and socio-economic needs of the people of Nigeria and to undertake other activities appropriate for a University of the highest standard.

In furtherance of the above, CUCRID is expected to become Covenant University’s flagship for research and development. It will serve as a catalyst for change in the institution, nation and the world. The University researcher is expected to be at the forefront in developing new technologies, scholarship and programmes, providing education and training for the nation’s population, and developing a new generation of leaders to take Nigeria and Africa into the next century.

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