e-Government and e-Business

Overview of the Cluster

Overview of the Cluster
The Cluster for e-Government and e-Business Research is an interdisciplinary research cluster that is committed to achieving lasting and significant improvements in the lives of Nigerians and Africans as a whole. In pursuit of this commitment, the centre engages in innovative and ground-breaking research activities that could contribute immensely to improving the quality of life and capacity development especially among the less developed and developing nations of the world. The research activities of the cluster are interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary, thematic and problem-solving. The aim is to be at the forefront of policy making and advocacy initiatives and hence develop programmes along social and human development issues and concerns along the Covenant University’s mission, which is “to create knowledge and restore the dignity of the Black man via a Human Development Total Man Concept-driven curriculum employing innovative, leading-edge teaching and learning methods”.
Strategic Research Agenda
Our specific Objectives are
Research Focus
List of Cluster Members
Cluster’s Achievements

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