Public Private Partnership


One of the most significant challenges facing Nigeria today is its inability to provide quality of life, comparable to developed societies, to its citizenry. Over the years, the government has been looking towards foreign investors and aid to fill the gap in its public good. Even with funds from these sources, it has still fallen short of the significant investment needed for sustainable development in key sectors like agriculture, infrastructure, education, health, housing and many other sectors. Entrepreneurship, a fulcrum and a driving force for each of these sectors, is a key principle underlying the Public Private Partnership (PPP) cluster.

Public private partnership (PPP) acts as a vehicle for the government to meet its funding gap, broaden the use of its resources, access international finance and employ technology from private investors to achieve desired results and enhance standards. The benefits of PPP include accountability, which is a step in the right direction in curbing corruption, efficient use of resources resulting in cataclysmic development in all sectors, and better quality of life for all.

Covenant University Public Private Partnership Research Cluster Members

Area of Specialization
Oladosun, Muyiwa
Chair/Associate Professor
Economics and Development Studies
Population & Development, Knowledge Evaluation, Reproductive Health & Family Planning, Health System Strengthening, Public-Private Partnership Strategies, Maternal Child Health, Gender Issues, Infectious & Non-Infectious Disease Prevention, Census Implementation & Management
Azuh, Dominic
Deputy Chair I /Professor
Economics & Development Studies
Population Studies, Population Health & Development, Dender Issues, Habitat Issues & Environment
Ogunnaike, Olaleke Oluseye
Deputy Chair II /Professor
Business Management
Marketing and Entrepreneurship
Borishade, Taiye
Secretary I/Senior Lecturer
Business Management
Marketing, Customer Experience Management, Consumer Behavior
Adekola, Paul Oluwatomipe
Secretary II/Lecturer I
Population, Family & Reproductive Health, University of Medical Sciences
Migration, Displacement, Health & Development

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