Software Engineering, Modeling and Intelligent Systems


Today, human computing needs have progressed beyond the automation of manual tasks to the evolution of smart software systems that exhibit intrinsic intelligent attributes such as personalisation, context-awareness, natural language understanding, self-adaptation, automated reasoning, autonomy, and other computationally-induced intelligent behaviours that make them relevant for solving real world problems. Smart software systems are required in virtually all fields of application ranging from business, commerce, engineering, science, arts medicine and much more. This brand of smart software systems can only be realised when innovative problem-solving concepts and technologies from the fields of artificial intelligence, mathematical modelling and systems simulation are integrated into the software development processes to produce intelligent software systems.

The   Software Engineering, Modelling and Intelligent Systems (SEMIS) Cluster shall focus on research that will produce lasting and significant improvements in the lives of Nigerians and Africans in general. In the pursuit of this commitment, the research cluster shall engage in innovative interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary research endeavours in order to solve practical problems in the less-developed and developing nations of the world.  The key thematic areas of research interests of SEMIS include e-Governance, e-Empowerment, e-Health, e-Education, e-Tourism, cloud computing, data mining, machine learning, mobile computing, business portfolio management, business mathematics. The SEMIS Cluster will also engage in basic research in the core fields of software engineering, artificial intelligence, information systems, and mathematical sciences.

The overarching goal of the SEMIS Cluster is to leverage on the plausible combination of key subject fields of software engineering, artificial intelligence, and mathematical modelling in tackling real world problems that will yield ground-breaking research outputs, patents and intellectual property rights, viable commercial products, and high-impact academic publications. By this, the SEMIS Cluster will make significant contribution to national development, and the attainment of vision 10:2022 of Covenant University.

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